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Overcoming Addiction: Finding an effective path toward recovery

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Has addiction come between you and a loved one?

Overcoming Addiction reveals 30 proven strategies for conquering addiction and sustaining recovery!

Learn how to effectively address—and end—dependence on alcohol, stimulants, nicotine, opioids, and more.

Addiction can test the strongest family. It can cost friendships. It can strain patience. It can drain finances. It can bring irretrievable loss.

But freedom from addiction is possible. New approaches are providing motivation, easing withdrawal, and renewing purpose. Overcoming Addiction shares those strategies that can end a dependency and restore well-being.

Overcoming Addiction brings focus to those addictions that too often intrude upon our lives. You will learn how to deal constructively and successfully with issues of opioids, alcohol, stimulants, sedative-hypnotics, cannabis, nicotine,  and gambling and other behavioral addictions.

In this encompassing and empowering guide, Harvard doctors present the most useful advances in treating addiction. You’ll discover …

…the best strategies for lasting change. Recovery involves resolve. This Special Health Report offers tips to strengthen your will power and smooth your pathway. You’ll learn the importance of a safe—and satisfying—substitute. You’ll be briefed on effective psychotherapies…and why a relapse isn’t always bad.

…targeted treatments for the most wide-reaching addictions. The report shares the latest findings on specific techniques and medications that can lessen withdrawal symptoms and help you achieve independence from today’s most common substance use and behavior disorders.

…what to do when a friend or family member needs help. Finding a middle ground of giving support without enabling is a delicate balance. You’ll find nine steps that may spur action…why interventions rarely work …and how to care for yourself in such a stress-filled time. 

Please, don’t wait! Send for your copy of Overcoming Addiction now!