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Osteoporosis: A guide to prevention and treatment

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Osteoporosis: A Guide to Prevention and Treatment

New from the health experts at Harvard Medical School

Your Step-by-Step Osteoporosis Solution

How to guard against devastating bone fractures and protect your mobility and independence as you grow older

When you have osteoporosis (literally “porous bone”), you can no longer count on your skeleton to be sturdy enough to withstand even routine stress. A twist, a bend, an unexpected jolt — all can snap a dangerously weakened bone, leading to devastating consequences.

But the latest research offers us great news! Today, you have at your disposal a veritable arsenal of ways to help detect, prevent, and treat this condition.

They’re all clearly spelled out in Osteoporosis: A Guide to Prevention and Treatment from the health experts at Harvard Medical School.

Order your Special Report today and discover practical, immediately useful information like this:

  • What you must know about the difference between osteoporosis and osteopenia.
  • Medical conditions that can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Prescription and over the counter medications that can lead to bone loss.
  • Lifestyle threats that can lead to osteoporosis — and simple ways you can lower your risk.
  • The 5-minute, screening test that provides a snapshot of your bone density — a “T-score” — that points to appropriate next steps.
  • 4 treatment strategies to follow if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia.
  • Simple exercises that help preserve bone density — what kind, how much and how often they should be performed.
  • The nutritional one-two punch that helps prevent both falls and fractures.
  • What you must know about calcium supplementation — including the latest research that too much could be harmful to your heart.
  • Bone-strengthening foods — and foods and beverages that may sap your bones’ strength.
  • 10 at-home bone strength-building exercises — plus two simple exercises specifically targeted to help improve your balance so you’ll stay steadier on your feet.
  • Pros and cons of 12 osteoporosis medications to help protect bones and even build greater bone density.
  • How to recover from a fracture and prevent future breaks.

And much more! Best of all, you can count on everything you read in your Special Report because it’s based on the latest research and it comes to you from the health experts at Harvard Medical School.