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Living Well with Osteoarthritis

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You can end the aches and gain lasting freedom from arthritis pain!

Let Harvard doctors show you the safe and smart steps you can take to make arthritis relief a reality.

Arthritis can be intrusive and pain relief elusive. The aches and stiffness can make you think twice about doing the things you love — or not doing them at all.

Now you can think again! More than ever before, you can ease your arthritis symptoms. You can attain welcome pain relief and maintain strengthened joint health. This new Special Health Report will show you how!

Living Well with Osteoarthritis is engaging and empowering. It focuses on the meaningful steps and measures you can employ to lessen arthritis’ effects, eliminate pain, ease sore joints, and enhance flexibility and mobility.

You’ll be briefed on new diagnostic techniques. You’ll be introduced to a host of helpful self-care strategies. You’ll learn about today’s expanding arsenal of pain-relieving medications...the impact of the latest surgical innovations...and the emerging role of complementary therapies...and more.

Living Well with Osteoarthritis brings you a wealth of information you can use — from a source you can trust. Harvard doctors share strategies that are proven, practical, and effective. In this report you’ll find...

...the best pain-relievers for you. The report takes the mystery out of choosing a medication with assessments of 60 popular products. You’ll find how leading topicals compare. You’ll get the facts on two dozen anti-inflammatories. And you’ll learn what to consider before opting for an injectable., tips, and tricks that work! You’ll discover a wealth of ways to keep arthritis from interfering with your plans or interrupting your life. You’ll master exercises to relieve stiffness. You’ll find gadgets that speed daily easy technique to sooth aching joints...and more.

...advances that you can put to use now. The report briefs you on break-throughs that are adding hope and help in managing arthritis. You’ll discover a new option in surgery...3 procedures that tap the body’s own regenerative capacities...and a complementary therapy receiving renewed attention.

Don’t wait! Send for your copy of Living Well with Osteoarthritis now!

Living Well with Osteoarthritis
Order Now! In Living Well with Osteoarthritis you’ll discover...
a 20-minute “hands-on” therapy to quell arthritis back pain
the OTC caplet with longer-lasting benefits than aspirin or Advil
Why women are at greater risk of osteoarthritis in their hands
how turmeric can “spice up” your diet and bring down your pain
30 nifty (and thrifty) gadgets to make chores easier and faster
4 joint conditions that signal a need for quick medical attention
a novel procedure for immediate pain-relief for arthritic knees