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Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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New online course now available from Harvard Health Publishing

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Sign up now for Harvard’s Lose Weight and Keep it Off Online Course — and let the doctors and dieticians at Harvard Medical School show you the simple steps to lose weight and keep it off. Here’s a quick look at the valuable help you’ll receive to set yourself up for success...

Healthy Diet Basics

  • Small changes that can make a big difference in your health and weight
  • How diet drinks trick your brain into eating more, plus better beverage options
  • Heart-healthy fats and good carbs that help power-up your weight loss
  • The “calorie awareness” secret to weight loss success
  • How to spot “sneaky sugar” in both processed and natural foods
  • Tasty, ingeniously simple ways to add more fiber to your diet
  • Foods surprisingly high in hunger-fighting protein

Eating Strategies That Work

  • 2 instant ways to keep “comfort eating” from sabotaging your weight loss progress
  • Quick and easy breakfasts rich in weight-busting protein, fiber and healthy carbs
  • Quick and healthy lunches that keep you satisfied all afternoon long
  • 15-minute dinners — plus tips to slim down any meal without sacrificing flavor
  • A week of satisfying 300-calorie breakfasts, 400-calorie lunches and 500-calorie dinners the whole family will love
  • A dozen yummy snack ideas to help keep your appetite in check

Eating Behaviors and Lifestyle Changes

  • Clever tricks to stop food cravings in their tracks
  • “Mindful eating” secrets that ease anxiety, stress and binge eating
  • 7 smart strategies to eat out and still lose weight
  • Which restaurant foods to avoid...and which ones to enjoy without guilt
  • How to sleep better and lose weight
  • 15 easy ways to burn 150 calories
  • Easy ways to resist the urge to splurge on tempting treats
  • How exercise fits in. Hint: it’s not as effective as diet for weight loss
  • 3 easy ways to short-circuit stress eating

Weight Loss Help

  • Weight Watchers (WW)? Jenny Craig? Meal delivery programs? Online programs? Get the straight answers about your options
  • Harvard’s unbiased reviews of the most popular diets: 8 we like, and 8 to avoid
  • Are weight loss drugs for you? Discover 6 commonly prescribed medications and how they work
  • Warnings about weight-loss supplements
  • Considering weight loss surgery? Get the details you’ll need to know

Don’t Wait...Enroll Today!

Harvard’s Lose Weight and Keep it Off Online Course is yours for just $29.95 — a savings of $10.00 off the regular price. And remember, you can watch the Course as often as you like from any device. It never expires!