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Living Well With Diabetes

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Put better diabetes control within your reach!

Discover today’s breakthroughs in controlling type 2 diabetes… from America’s #1 medical school for research!

When a disease threatens one in three American adults, it means that doctors seek answers. Researchers seek answers. Most of all, patients seek answers.

The good news is, answers have not only been found; they abound! We now know how to manage diabetes more successfully and effectively than ever.

You can achieve tighter blood sugar control… lower the risk of complications… maintain enduring good health… and enjoy welcome peace-of-mind. 

And you can do it with confidence! This Special Health Report shares the skills and strategies that put you in charge and make living well with diabetes a reality!

Living Well with Diabetes is written for men and women determined to minimize diabetes’ imposition on their lives. You will know which changes to make and medications to take to lower A1c levels… to safeguard heart health… and to prevent long-term complications. This report shares…

… ways to simplify and fortify diabetes control. You’ll learn which diagnostic test is most definitive and which test is now discouraged. You’ll find the best choices in glucose meters. You’ll see how to reduce the chances of hypoglycemia…and an easy step that can lower the need for insulin. 

… how to make your will power your well power!  The report is both coach and consultant. You’ll discover an exercise routine that lowers A1c. You’ll find foods that won’t spike blood sugar and will keep you satisfied longer. And you’ll learn one change that can improve glucose control immediately.

… the advances that give you the edge! New medications and innovations are changing diabetes control. Which are best? You’ll read about the emerging role of long-acting insulins… the risks in combination therapy… how 30 oral and injectable medications compare… and much more!

Don’t wait! Send for your copy of Living Well with Diabetes now!