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Improving Your Sleep Ecourse

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New online course from Harvard Health Publishing

Improving Your Sleep

End the tossing and turning and once again enjoy a restful and refreshing full night’s sleep!

Overcome the obstacles interfering with the good night’s rest you want and your body needs. This new interactive online course from Harvard Health Publishing will show you how!

This must be a first. You’re being invited to sign up for a course that will put you to sleep! That’s what Improving Your Sleep is designed to do. To show you how you can again have the sleep too many of us can only dream about. The course will help you find how to get to sleep more easily, replace restless sleep with restful sleep, and wake refreshed and alert.

Improving Your Sleep will take you from A to Zzzzzs!

Why is it that something we did so easily as children becomes so much more difficult as we grow older? The course will not only tell you, it will also explain why a good night’s sleep remains important and show you how to achieve it.

You’ll learn about the problems that can keep you awake at night or have you nodding off in the middle of the day. With this dynamic and comprehensive new course, you will be able to take advantage of advances to quiet snoring and breakthroughs to ease obstructive sleep apnea. You’ll find how to eliminate costly sleep debt, create a more inviting sleep environment, and increase restorative deep sleep.

Poor sleep is a thief in the night. It does more than steal your slumber. It can increase your susceptibility to depression, weight gain, and even the common cold. It can lead to higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure. And it can double a woman’s risk of heart disease.

Improving Your Sleep will put your fears to rest!

“Will I get to sleep tonight?” When you suffer insomnia, time for bed can become the time you dread. The worry that you might not get to sleep makes it even harder for you to get to sleep.

Improving Your Sleep will show you how to break the cycle. The course pinpoints the insomnia instigators. Harvard Medical School’s sleep experts will share the surprising — and most successful — treatment for insomnia. You’ll find the safest sleep medications. And you’ll learn five keys to encouraging sleep to arrive with less delay — and stay for the night.

You’ll learn how to boost the amount of deep sleep you get. (There is only one proven way.) You’ll discover the best time of day for a nap that won’t impede sleep that night. And you’ll get tips for resetting your internal clock to offset a sleep/wake disorder, the changing seasons, or jet lag.

If you (or your bedmate) snores or suffers sleep apnea...Improving Your Sleep can have you breathing easier!

Today, one in four men suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The percentage of adults who snore is even higher. Improving Your Sleep explains the varied causes of these breathing disorders and will help you confidently select the most appropriate course of treatment.

You’ll be able to bring back silent nights. Harvard doctors will brief you on two bedroom changes to quell snoring...the effectiveness of nasal strips... and a 30-minute procedure to eliminate the snore-triggering obstructions.

The course includes an 8-question quiz to determine if you or a loved one may have OSA. You’ll learn about devices that are replacing the CPAP machine...why you should think twice about surgery...and a new combination drug that can keep the airway open and prevent apnea episodes.

Ever suddenly fall asleep during the day? The course will help you determine if it’s narcolepsy. Improving Your Sleep offers direction for addressing the sleep-robbing symptoms of periodic limb movement disorder. You’ll learn about a skin patch to prevent Restless Leg Syndrome...what it means when you talk in your sleep...the safest OTC sleep medications...and more.

You can get to sleep — without counting sheep. You don’t have to toss and turn. You can have all the health benefits restful sleep affords. And you can do it now!

Don’t wait another night! Send for Improving Your Sleep today!

From Harvard Medical School, Improving Your Sleep is filled with authoritative guidance you can trust — and you can use. It is information that will help you again enjoy the rewards and satisfaction of a good night’s sleep.

This engaging, multi-faceted course will hold your interest and reward your time. You’ll get the direction you need for the great sleep you want and deserve. Invest in yourself! Order Improving Your Sleep now!

Sign up today and save $10!

Sign up for the Improving Your Sleep course today and you’ll get the entire course with unlimited lifetime access for just $29.95. That’s a $10 savings off the regular course fee. And you can watch as often as you want from any device. Your course never expires, and you have access to all the downloadable and printable extras!