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Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes

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New online course from Harvard Health Publishing

Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes

The simplest, most delicious ways to help control diabetes and improve your overall health

Sign up now for Harvard’s Online Course — Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes — and discover how to help deliciously normalize your blood sugars so your numbers look like you never had diabetes.

Step-by-step, this easy-to-follow Course helps you better understand Type 2 Diabetes and shows how you can help control it with easy-to-apply lifestyle changes.

Luscious recipes, breakthrough nutritional advice, engaging videos, helpful charts and a variety of easy-to-use tools clearly answer your questions. Best of all, these potent tools come straight from the medical experts at Harvard Medical School. You’ll discover:

  • The ABCs of diabetes control: Learn about practical, everyday-useful advice to help bring down A1C blood sugar levels...and keep your Blood pressure and Cholesterol at healthy levels.
  • Weight loss tips, including the latest research-backed strategies: Learn about smart ways to cut calories...easy “rule of thumb” tips for portion control...proven ways to keep weight off from 10,000 “successful losers”...and more — including medications and surgical options. PLUS: Discover how weight loss can even lead to remission of Type 2 diabetes!
  • Healthy eating plans: Discover the pros and cons of low-fat and low-carb eating to easily adapt a Mediterranean diet to your to enjoy the benefits of vegetarian and vegan eating plans...and much more.
  • Smart nutritional secrets: Find out about the clever secrets to help prevent blood sugar spikes...the truth about artificial “eat this, not that” food swaps to help you enjoy heart-healthy carbs, good fats, and better proteins.
  • Meal-planning help: See how a revealing self-assessment survey can help personalize your approach to diabetes control. Also, discover simple nutritional guidelines...easy meal-planning strategies...why and how you should keep a food diary...and more.
  • Dozens of luscious recipes that make healthy eating pure joy: You’ll love these easy-to-print recipes for lunch and dinner entrees...salads and side dishes...snacks and sauces...breakfast foods...and satisfying sweet desserts!
  • Lifestyle strategies to help manage diabetes including easy ways to make healthy exercise a part of your to quit smoking and help avoid diabetes complications...and how to enhance your sleep quality to help reduce insulin sensitivity.
  • And more, including trustworthy websites and apps to help you lose weight...links to reputable organizations and books...and more to help you control your diabetes.

Take a quick “sneak peek” at the kind of help and support you’ll receive in Harvard’s Online Diabetes Course...

You’ll get dozens of yummy, easy-to-print recipes to help keep your Type 2 diabetes in check...including this irresistible Apple Cranberry Oat Crisp. Print it out and enjoy it tonight!

Easy-to-understand visual tips...practical charts and planning guides...and easy-to-apply advice from Harvard experts are now just a few clicks or taps away!

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