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Headaches: Relieving and preventing migraines and other headaches

Break free from the chains of headache pain!

Learn the secrets to fast relief and the strategies and steps that can prevent migraines, tension headaches, and more!

Whether you’re suffering the tightness of a tension headache, the misery of a sinus inflammation, or the throbbing agony of a migraine, when headache pain attacks, you want it gone — now! And you don’t want it back — ever!

Many people accept headaches as a part of life. Indeed, 50% of adults experience headaches at least once a month. You don’t need to be one of them!

This Special Report from Harvard Medical School will show you how you can end headache pain quickly and enjoy lasting independence from the discomfort and disruption headaches cause!

Relieving Headache Pain is an encompassing and empowering guide that gives you effective ways to secure rapid relief from headache pain and provides welcome direction for adopting preventive strategies to dramatically lessen your risk of headaches in the future. This report shares…

…instructive insights into the causes of your distress. You’ll read why most migraines occur on just two days of the week.  You’ll learn why stress is far from the only cause of a tension headache …why sinus headaches are often misdiagnosed…and the surprising reason for many chronic headaches.

… 17 ways to halt headache pain swiftly—and safely. You’ll discover a medication for tension headache relief in 15 minutes…a relaxation therapy proven to ease migraine pain…ways to avoid triggering a cluster headache… and three quick-acting choices to end sinus headache pain.

… 23 techniques and tricks for staying headache-free! You’ll find exercises that can help sidestep  headaches…a “hot” tip for avoiding tension headaches…a simple way to prevent recurrent headaches…and a targeted therapy that could keep you free from migraines for weeks on end!

Outsmart headache pain!  Send for your copy of Relieving Headache Pain now!

What you need to know — and do — to speed pain relief and stop migraine and tension headaches before they start

In Relieving Headache Pain, you’ll find:

  • when a headache is a warning to see a doctor without delay
  • the 12 foods most likely to bring on a migraine attack
  • how to defuse the biggest trigger of “rebound”  headaches
  • the one test any headache sufferer over 40 should have
  • the just-approved device that ‘propels’ speedy migraine relief
  • the headache that strikes men10 times more often than women
  • what to know before treating a migraine with Botox.
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