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Today, there is so much potential to live a longer, healthier life. New treatment options…new prevention strategies…new medications…and new technologies offer exciting new promise. But which strategies work best? Which are necessary? How can you make the best decisions about your health?

Four words can help: Harvard Men’s Health Watch.

HARVARD means you can count on our health experts for straight answers.

MEN's means we’re focused squarely on your needs, your concerns, and your questions.

HEALTH means vigor, strength, power, potency, liveliness, energy. That’s our goal for you in every issue.

WATCH means we’re diligently watching out for the latest advances and discoveries that can help YOU.

Each month, you’ll be briefed on the latest health research and advances that will affect and improve your health.

  • Man-to-man: Straight-to-the-point talk about the prevention strategies and health issues that concern men most—prostate and urinary health, sex, heart health, memory concerns, back and joint pain, and much more.
  • Credible: The latest and best research and what it means to you, from the more than 12,000 doctors and researchers at Harvard Medical School.
  • New treatments: Be among the first to know about new drugs, new surgical procedures, new at-home remedies.
  • Practical: Pros and cons with all the facts you need to make the best, most informed decisions about your health
  • In depth: Go beyond the basics with detailed yet concise and easy-to-understand information and infographics.


Start your subscription to the Harvard Men’s Health Watch today and be on your way to a healthier life! Twelve issues full of actionable advice you can incorporate immediately into your daily routine, along with access to the research and breakthroughs from the past three years.


Get practical answers. Harvard Men’s Health Watch is filled with fast, reliable, practical men’s health news you can use.

  • Worried about your memory? There are many ways to compensate for memory—from simple memory helpers to memory-guarding foods, and at-home exercises.

  • Considering a drug for erectile dysfunction? About half of men ages 40 to 70 have trouble getting or keeping an erection to some degree, which may put them in the market for one of four erectile dysfunction drugs now on the market.  But which drug works best? Which ones are covered by insurance? What are the side effects?

  • Should you get the shingles vaccine? The single best reason to get the shingles vaccine is to help prevent a serious complication of this viral infection. But what are your chances of getting this painful condition? How effective is the vaccine in older people?

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