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Health revelations you need to know in each issue of the Harvard Health Letter

Scientific breakthroughs, new medical revelations, latest surgery techniques, new takes on tried-and-true remedies. In every issue of the Harvard Health Letter, you’ll get practical, instructive health information to keep you active, independent and vibrant as you age. Readers recently read about:

Ways to lower your blood sugar without going to the gym. Short, but frequent walking breaks – as brief as two minutes every half hour – can lower blood sugar.

Other big benefits of vitamin D. In addition to strengthening your bones, vitamin D may protect against autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, as well as colon cancer and heart disease.

Laughter really is the best medicine. It’s been found to lower levels of stress hormones and reduce inflammation.

The critical test many doctors never order. Doctors are often so busy screening for heart and lung problems that they may never screen for mobility problems. However, it's a critical test, because it can make the difference between living at home or living in a facility. 

Plus you’ll learn about ways to reduce your dementia risk, lower your chance of having a heart attack or stroke, how to prevent falls and broken hips, and keep your eyesight clear and sharp. 

Start your subscription to the Harvard Health Letter and improve your health right away. Twelve issues filled with the latest, actionable health information is available now, along with access to the research and breakthroughs from the past three years. Subscribe below to get it all! 

Learn what you can do yourself to improve your own health.

  • Dry eyes? Drink a cup of coffee. New research shows that people who consumer caffeine produce more tears than people who don’t.
  • Taking vitamin C doesn’t help reduce the number of colds you get, but taking it every day may help reduce the length of a cold.
  • Want to relieve arthritis pain? Keep moving. If your arthritis is mild to moderate, your best bet for relief may be strengthening and flexibility exercises. 

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