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Finding Relief for Sciatica

Harvard Doctors Reveal

The Top Ways to Relieve

Sciatic Nerve Pain

and Keep it From Coming Back!

When the shooting, burning, tingling pain of sciatica strikes, you need help fast. And once you’ve had an attack, you sure don’t want it to return.

That’s why Finding Relief for Sciatica is so important to you and your loved ones. 

This convenient one-stop online source brings you fast, easy-to-apply answers you need as close as your tablet, phone or desktop computer. For example:

  • Know your enemy: Detailed illustrations and clear explanations help you visualize the causes of sciatica so you can more confidently apply proven home remedies.  
  • Are you at risk? Anyone can experience sciatica, but research shows that there are five factors that increase your risk. Find out if you have one of them. 
  • Easy-does-it stretches help lessen the pain and allow the nerve to heal. Discover the simple stretches that are particularly helpful for sciatica. 
  • Cold or heat? Ice packs and heat can both be used to treat sciatic pain and help you function better. Find out when to apply each and for how long for best results.
  • Top treatments doctors may prescribe: While most sciatica gets better on its own, a doctor may prescribe medications, physical therapy, injections or chiropractic adjustments. (Most people don’t need surgery). Complete details in Finding Relief for Sciatica help you to make the most informed decisions. 
  • How to help prevent sciatica: Discover the best core exercises to help strengthen your spine…simple exercises to increase strength and flexibility…and stress-reduction techniques to help reduce pain. 
  • And more!

Finding Relief for Sciatica brings you the best sciatica pain relief and prevention techniques together in one convenient online source. Order now and discover vital information and techniques any time and any place on your phone, tablet or desktop! 

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NEW from the Experts at Harvard Medical School!
  • What causes sciatica? 
  • Are you at risk? 
  • At-home remedies and self-care strategies
  • Should you see a doctor?
  • Doctors’ top sciatica treatments 
  • Sciatica prevention and coping techniques
  • And more from the experts at Harvard Medical School, America’s #1 medical school for research as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.