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The Diet Review

The Diet Review
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From the Nutrition Experts at
Harvard Medical School

Discover the healthiest diet plans to help you boost your heart health, lower your risk for dementia, improve blood sugar levels, fight disease, and more!

What’s the healthiest way to eat? Should you go low-carb or low-fat? Should you eat more protein? Go gluten-free? Or try fasting?

Although you’ll find lots of ads and infomercials claiming otherwise, the reality is there is no one right way to eat. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, improve your health, or both, it’s important to be able to sort through the hype and choose the best way for you to eat.

Introducing The Diet Review: 39 popular nutrition and weight-loss plans and the science behind them — the all-new report from Harvard Health Publishing, with the facts on more than three dozen different eating plans. Our experts reviewed the claims each diet makes, and then looked at whether there was solid research to back them up.

For each diet reviewed, you’ll find out the origins of the diet, who created it, and what their credentials were. You’ll see which foods are allowed, which ones need to be avoided, and the pluses and minuses of the eating plan. And you’ll discover surprising facts, including:

Both low-carb and low-fat diets reduced the risk of premature death by 27%--but only if they included high-quality fats and carbs
The diet with huge health and environmental benefits
The “not quite” vegan diet that’s healthy, affordable, and easy to follow
Why eating most of your food between breakfast and lunch curbs hunger and is good for your overall health
The real reason the Mediterranean diet is so healthy
The type of tea that one of the healthiest populations in the world drinks every day
The heart-healthy diet that’s difficult to follow — but could save your life
The eating plan that can help people manage the symptoms of IBS
And there is so much more!

Download your report right now (or send for your print copy) and find the eating plan that’s right for you!


Harvard Health Publishing’s Diet Review gives you the facts on 39 different diet plans. This comprehensive report covers:

6 different low-carb diets
4 Paleo-style eating plans
7 plant-based diets
Facts on four types of intermittent fasting plans
The “clean eating” trend
Regional diets like Mediterranean, Nordic and Okinawan
8 diets that fight disease
And 6 weight loss plans

And this is just a small sample of the vital information you’ll find in this all-new report. Make the best food choices for your health with The Diet Review: 39 popular nutrition and weight-loss plans and the science behind them.


Here’s a Sample Eating Plan

You’ve probably heard plant-based diets that focus on getting lots of different fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are good for your health. One way to focus more on plant-based foods and less on meat is by trying a Flexitarian diet plan. It’s a great way to reduce your intake of meat without giving it up completely. To start, you may want to eat one meatless meal a day (7 per week) and gradually work up to eating at least 15 meatless meals a week. Research generally supports the health benefits of plant-forward diets.

Each plan includes:

1.) At-a-glance facts on if the plan is right for you

2.) Sample daily menu

3.) The good, the bad and the “mixed bag” info