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Diagnosis Coronary Artery Disease

When the diagnosis is coronary artery disease, what next?

Learn how advances in the treatment and prevention of coronary artery disease can safeguard your heart — and your future

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, you probably have lots of questions: What is this condition? How serious is it? What can be done to treat it?

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the hardening and narrowing of the arteries that supply the heart. CAD is the leading cause of heart attacks and death, and it also causes angina — chest pain brought on by exertion or stress. It is serious. But it is also treatable.

With the help of medications and lifestyle changes, most people with coronary artery disease can live normal lives with few limitations. You can lower heart attack risk, maintain cardiovascular health, and regain peace of mind.

Diagnosis: Coronary Artery Disease is an empowering guide to treating CAD. Prepared by leading cardiologists at Harvard Medical School, the report will inform you about the latest advances in treatment, in assessing risk, in improving diagnosis, in addressing causative factors, and in coping with and recovering from a cardiac event.

The report will brief you on the safest and most accurate diagnostic tests, on your expanded choices in medications, breakthroughs in surgical procedures and the importance of cardiac rehabilitation.

Most important, the report details specific lifestyle changes that can initiate lasting benefits for your cardiovascular health. You’ll get practical guidance for healthier eating, exercising, enjoying better sleep, and reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, and emotional stress.

Inside Diagnosis: Coronary Artery Disease you’ll discover…

  • The 7 risk factors you can control (and the 3 you can't)
  • Why low-fat and other restrictive diets are out — and what’s in
  • If the alternatives to warfarin are living up to expectations
  • What your skin tells your doctor about your heart
  • The new approach to artery-opening angioplasty that cuts risk and recovery time
  • The one test that remains the ‘gold standard’ for diagnosis
  • How to assess your odds of having a heart attack
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