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Diabetes: A plan for living

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The diagnosis is type 2 diabetes. Now what do you do?

When it comes to treating diabetes, you are the most important person involved. Find out what you need to know — and do — for the best self-care possible.

Learning that you have type 2 diabetes can be traumatic. That’s understandable. Diabetes is a lifelong disease that demands daily attention. Monitoring. Metering. Medications. If not properly managed, diabetes can have debilitating and irreversible consequences.

Living Well with Diabetes, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School, will show you how you can take command of the disease and, with your physician, design a treatment plan that will let you lessen diabetes’ disruptive effects on your daily life and minimize your risk of long-term complications.

This report has a singular purpose: to give you the skills and tools to manage your diabetes with greater confidence and greater success.

In Living Well with Diabetes, you will be briefed by physicians of Harvard Medical School who are helping their patients better understand diabetes and overcome their fears every day.

You will learn about innovations in medicine that are making it easier to control blood sugar levels, new oral and injectable drugs (and how they compare for efficacy and side effects), the role of alternative treatment, the most two important lifestyle changes to make, and much more!

So, don’t wait. Order your copy of this Special Health Report today.