5 core workouts to tighten your abs, strengthen your back, and improve balance

Look and feel younger! Learn the moves that pay dividends!

Exercise can be a pain. Literally and figuratively. In Core Exercises, a Harvard Special Health Report, you’ll find there is gain without pain. You’ll learn exercises that are safe, gentle, and rewarding. What's more, these exercises will keep you motivated for more, they don’t require spending a fortune in time or money, and they produce results you will feel and others will notice.

The fact is, after beginning a core exercise program, you will notice the difference. You will have greater strength and flexibility for doing everyday tasks. You will have added power for athletic activities. You'll have less pain and stiffness. And that slimmer waistline and those better-defined ab muscles will be hard to ignore.

Core muscles form the central link between your upper and lower body. A strong core underpins almost everything you do. Building up core muscles is key to improving performance in almost any sport by extending your range of motion to lift, bend, turn, and reach.

Core Exercises was prepared by Harvard Medical School physicians and master trainers. It will show you how you can strengthen your core with workouts that take no more than 20-40 minutes and do not require fancy equipment. They are exercises that will keep you motivated and continue to challenge you as you make progress.

Each of the five full-length workouts combines classic core moves — planks, squats, and lunges — with exercises that work the full range of core muscles. Each exercise is illustrated and accompanied by tips and techniques, instructions for tempo and movement, and options for making the exercise easier or taking it up a notch.

The report also gives you four shorter workouts for busy days or when you need a change. You'll get tips for exercising safely and effectively. Plus, a handy chart tells you which exercises and stretches are best for your favorite sport.

So, see — and feel — the difference! Order your copy of Core Exercises today!

In Core Exercises, you'll discover:

  • Standing core, floor core, and mixed core workouts
  • The right (and wrong) way to do 3 classic core moves
  • Bosu, medicine ball, and stability ball routines
  • Which exercises and stretches are best for your favorite sports
  • Tips to help maintain the gains you’ve made
  • Special Bonus Section: Setting goals and motivating yourself