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COPD: Preventing, treating, and coping with a serious breathing problem

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Take it from Henry…

You CAN live well with COPD!

“I used to be able to handle heavy loads with no trouble,” Henry said when he was diagnosed with emphysema and chronic bronchitis. “But then I found myself huffing and puffing. I started getting out of breath on my endurance walks.” Bronchodilators worked for a while, but his symptoms started getting worse.

Then he discovered the simple pulmonary rehabilitation techniques described in this Special Report from Harvard Medical School.

“It all worked,” he said with amazement. “When I started rehab, I was able to walk for only 20 minutes on a treadmill. Then I worked up to 40 minutes,” he said. Not only that, but his lung capacity improved by 22% by the end of his rehab. Twenty-five years later, he’s still active and able to do the things he enjoys. 

Help is on the way…today!

Whether your COPD condition is moderate or advanced, the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Special Health Report can help replace fear and uncertainty with confidence-boosting steps you can take to get on with your life!

You’ll discover all the facts about COPD—how it’s caused, how it develops, and how it’s diagnosed. More importantly, you’ll discover the treatments, therapies, and everyday hints and tips to help you live well with COPD…like Henry has done! You’ll also discover simple practices you can do each day to help:

  • Boost your energy levels and leg and arm strength with most the beneficial at-home exercises. 
  • Improve your breathing before and during physical activity with the simple “pursed lip” breathing technique. 
  • Control your symptoms and prevent flareups with smart tips to avoid little-known lung irritants in your home. 
  • Make everyday activities easier with expert tips for bathing, dressing, doing household chores and more.
  • And more! Taken together, these practices can have a positive physical and emotional impact in managing your disease as they put you in greater control.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait to get started. CLICK HERE to download this report right away, or, if you prefer, order a print edition. Either way, ACT NOW to discover the best ways to breathe easier with COPD.

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