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Controlling Your Blood Pressure Ecourse

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New online course from Harvard Health Publishing

Controlling Your Blood Pressure

Cut your risk of heart attack and stroke in half!

Let this dynamic new online course show you how to halt hypertension, boost cardiovascular fitness, and enjoy better and enduring good health.

Controlling Your Blood Pressure is a powerful presentation that reveals how — no matter what your age — you can gain and maintain the protective benefits of lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure can jeopardize your health and rob you of your independence. Hypertension doubles your risk of heart attack and stroke and increases your risk of vision loss, kidney failure, and dementia.

Discover the steps and secrets to lowering your blood pressure now!

New from Harvard Health Publishing, this course gives you the tools to build cardiovascular wellness by lowering your blood pressure and adopting strategies to keep it low. The course is impactful, engaging, and effective.

You’ll find even small changes can pay big and lasting dividends. Did you know there is a remarkably easy diet plan that can lower systolic blood pressure 11 points in just 8 weeks? Or that just moderate exercise can end the need for blood pressure medication? Or that one simple change can halt dangerous “part-time” hypertension for good?

In Controlling Your Blood Pressure, you’ll learn how to bring blood pressure into a normal range by adopting basic lifestyle changes — from eating smart to easing stress. You’ll get tips for weight loss, for choosing a blood pressure monitor, and for finding the best and safest medications.

Guidance you can trust. Changes you can make. Success you can measure!

More than ever, you need to know where information is coming from — especially when it’s your health. Controlling Your Blood Pressure comes to you from Harvard Medical School, the nation’s top-ranked school for medical research. In the course, Harvard doctors share strategies for addressing hypertension’s causes and show you how to use today’s advances to your greatest advantage.

You will be introduced to specific, yet simple, lifestyle changes that will help you achieve a lasting reduction in your blood pressure numbers. The instruction is clear, concise, and uncomplicated.

You’ll learn the best procedures for an accurate baseline test. The doctors will reveal two home monitors you should avoid...three taboos before a test...and the one important step that is often overlooked.

Of course, you’ve heard of “white coat” hypertension, but did you know about masked hypertension? You’ll find how to unmask this dangerous condition. You’ll find why, after age 65, women are at greater risk for high blood pressure...the seven risk factors you can control...and six important tests your doctor may suggest.

And you’ll welcome how easy it is to make strides without sacrifice. You’ll be introduced to several easy and enticing eating plans that offer lean, minimally processed foods, packed with nutrients, but not calories. You’ll find how to incorporate the three minerals essential to successful blood pressure management...and 15 smart low-sodium substitutes.

You’ll get guidance for the most helpful exercises and for maintaining motivation. You’ll master effective techniques to manage stress and improve sleep.

And the course offers an impartial, frank assessment of today’s expanded array of medications to help you make the safest and smartest choices to meet your goals.

The good news is that what’s gone up can come down. You can lower your blood pressure. You can safeguard your heart and your health. And you can do it now!

You’ll want the doctor to take your blood pressure!

As you apply these simple proven strategies, you’ll not only feel the difference, but with every blood pressure reading you — and your doctor — will see the difference.

This breakthrough learning package is loaded with illuminating slides and videos, interactive quizzes, charts, worksheets and more. This is a course that will set you on course for renewed cardiovascular health and dramatically reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, and age-related illnesses. Don’t wait. Invest in yourself! Order Controlling Your Blood Pressure now!

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