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Cognitive Fitness

Maintain or improve your mind and memory as you age!

Harvard experts bring you all the information you need for understanding how you can stay mentally sharp as you age by following their practical 6-step plan for cognitive fitness.

In this fascinating course, you'll learn about cognitive reserve — the brain's ability to find alternate ways of doing something — and how it can help fight the brain changes associated with dementia and other brain diseases. Plus, you'll find out how you can boost your own cognitive reserve and buffer memory loss by challenging your brain.

Harvard Health Publishing's all-new online course, Cognitive Fitness, is an exciting way to learn how to improve your overall brain health, and preserve and protect your memory as you age.

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There are so many new advances in brain research! Harvard experts created this exciting online course to help you understand how the brain works and how it changes as you age.

Not too long ago, much of the medical research that was done focused on increasing our lifespan. Today, our goal isn't simply to reach our 80s or 90s, but to stay mentally sharp so we can be active and enjoy those extra years. To help you do just that, Harvard experts created this exciting online course that helps you understand how the brain works and how it changes as you age, and provides you with a practical, 6-step plan to take control of your brain health.

You'll see why scientists now know our brains don't "shrink" with age, but we actually generate hundreds of new neurons each day, through a process called neurogenesis. You'll learn how stress and lack of sleep can slow down this process, while aerobic exercise can help speed it up! You'll find out why people tend to think more slowly as they age (the myelin sheath covering nerves wears down and slows the speed of communication between neurons), but your ability to "see the big picture" improves with age.

You'll be amazed by what medical experts call neuroplasticity — your brain's miraculous ability to rewire itself and create new connections that bypass areas that may be injured or damaged by disease. Best of all, by staying mentally and physically active you can maintain, or even improve, your ability to stay mentally sharp as you age.

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