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Cognitive Fitness Ecourse

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Cognitive Fitness

Boost Your Ability to Learn, Understand and Remember!

Research has shown that the brain is continuously changing and rewiring itself in response to demands and experiences of life — and that it has a wonderful capacity to change and reinvent itself to be sharper, clearer and healthier.

With the interactive Cognitive Fitness Online Course, you’ll get a detailed look at the fascinating anatomy of your amazing brain and discover how you can be more mentally sharp and maintain your ability to learn, reason, and protect your recall into your golden years.

Develop a Clearer, Sharper, Healthier Brain in 6 Simple Steps

STEP #1: Enjoy a Brain-Healthy Diet

Discover plant-based foods that can help prevent cognitive decline. The flexible, unrestrictive diet shown to reduce Alzheimer’s risk by up to 53% in a study. The best vitamins and nutrients for brain health and their food sources. Brain-damaging foods to avoid. Downloadable diet plans and recipes. And more.

STEP #2: Brain-Healthy Exercise

People who are more physically active are at less risk of dementia and score better on attention, verbal fluency, verbal memory and other cognitive abilities. Discover the benefits of three type of exercises plus mind/body exercises for better brain health. You’ll also get a printable exercise tracker to keep you motivated!

STEP #3: Brain-Healthy Sleep

Find out why getting the right amount of sleep is essential for locking long-term memory. Plus, see what to do if you have trouble falling asleep...daytime tips to improve nighttime sleep...non-drug approaches to help you relax and fall over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids...and more.

STEP #4: Brain-Healthy Stress Management

Find out how chronic stress can damage your brain and lead to memory problems. Plus, discover practical tools and strategies to manage stress and boost resilience...stress-busting improving your gut health can relieve chronic to identify and deal with stress triggers...and more. PLUS: How stressed are you, really? Find out with our interactive quiz!

STEP #5: Brain-Healthy Relationships

Find out why healthy relationships are as important as physical activity and healthy diet for brain health. Discover simple steps to widen your social that improve your ability to remember specific events...specific relationships that improve your ability to think on your feet...and more. PLUS: How lonely are you, really? Find out with our interactive quiz!

STEP #6: Brain-Healthy Challenges

Evidence shows that the more you stimulate your brain, the better you can protect yourself against the detrimental effects of aging. Discover the three rules for mental stimulation... how a certain puzzle can slow the onset of memory decline by as much as 2½ years...the astounding impact of computer-based brain training...and more.

PLUS — you’ll get a printable cognitive fitness checklist and a goal-planning worksheet to help keep you on target in your brain-building efforts!

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