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What to do about High Cholesterol

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Managing Your Cholesterol

Discover the best ways to
Manage Your Cholesterol
and lower your risk of
heart attack and stroke!
Did you know there are actually 5 main types of cholesterol — and some are more likely to cause potentially deadly plaques than others?
In Managing Your Cholesterol — a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School — you’ll get the latest information on cholesterol and how to manage it. This can help you unclog your arteries and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Managing Your Cholesterol brings you lifesaving information, such as:

  • The 2 most powerful weapons you can use to fight cardiovascular problems — without medications
  • How eating less sodium can decrease deaths from stroke by 22%!
  • What to do when high cholesterol runs in your family
  • The quick calculator on page 12 that can help you decide if you’re at risk for having a heart attack
  • Why high-dose statin treatment may make arterial plaques less likely to rupture — and cause a heart attack or stroke
  • How even small elevations in cholesterol levels at midlife can increase your risk for dementia
  • And more!

Free Sample from Managing Your Cholesterol

3 ways to improve the accuracy of your cholesterol test:

  1. Have your blood drawn at the same time of day each time you have the test — and follow a similar eating, exercising, and medication-taking pattern the day before.
  2. Sit for at least five minutes before your blood is taken — and remain seated during the procedure.
  3. Make sure to tell your doctor about any fevers you had around the time of your test and any medications you took.

Remember: no one test is definitive enough to justify important decisions about therapy. Ask your doctor to validate any results with a second test before starting any drug treatments.

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