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Managing Your Cholesterol

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New online course from Harvard Health Publishing

Managing Your Cholesterol — effectively, safely and permanently!

Take the steps that will put high cholesterol behind you for good.

You can break the barriers to lower cholesterol and enjoy greater protection from a heart attack or stroke! This new interactive online course from Harvard Health Publishing will show you how!

Cholesterol screening has been part of an physical exams for decades. But as simple as cholesterol is to measure, it has often proven much more difficult to manage.

Today, with advances in medications and an increased appreciation of the impact of lifestyle changes, cholesterol is more manageable than ever. In short, you can control your cholesterol and you can do it now!

This dynamic presentation will inform and equip you. You’ll learn why reducing bad cholesterol is so important and you’ll gain the tools to make that reduction a reality.

The numbers you want—with guidance you can count on!

In this empowering course, Harvard doctors dispel misconceptions, share the best and most effective cholesterol control strategies, and will help you safeguard your heart’s health with greater certainty and peace-of-mind.

The more LDL (bad) cholesterol in the bloodstream, the greater the danger to your cardiovascular health. In your arteries, LDL cholesterol provokes inflammation and contributes to a buildup of fatty plaques. 75% of all heart attacks (over 550,000 a year) occur when a plaque ruptures, giving you only minutes to get medical help.

High cholesterol also leaves you more vulnerable to a debilitating stroke. High cholesterol can increase your risk of dementia, of Alzheimer’s, or even cost you your sight or a limb.

Managing Your Cholesterol will show you how to push back...take control... and enjoy the healthful benefits that are yours with lowered cholesterol.

You can do more than you thought—more easily than you imagined!

As never before, medical research offers the “know-how” to control cholesterol. This course gives you the “how to.” Even if you’ve struggled to budge your numbers, you’ll learn the steps and strategies to reduce harmful cholesterol—up to 50%—and do it with confidence and success!

Quite simply, there are more ways than ever to have less! You’ll discover why eggs are no longer considered villains (and a cholesterol-fighting hero you should add) You’ll find medications that handily outperform statins...a novel advance in reducing triglycerides...and the one exercise with an unmatched ability to change your HDL/LDL ratio for the better.

A course with a difference you can measure!

Cholesterol may be about numbers, but it’s certainly not a game. With Managing Your Cholesterol, you’ll learn what differentiates “good” and “bad” cholesterol, how each impacts your body, and most important, how you can measurably reduce bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and CRP levels.

You’ll discover the surprising side benefits of statins... three medication- free ways to reduce triglycerides...and ten “diversionary” foods that lessen cholesterol ‘s effects on your arteries. You’ll learn how to determine your 10-year risk of a heart to assure accuracy in a cholesterol test...and even why your toddler might be a candidate for early screening.

Your source for guidance you can trust—and use!

Managing Your Cholesterol comes to you from the nation’s top-ranked school for medical research. The Course offers you insight, instruction, and promise. You’ll learn the proven steps and breakthrough strategies that are making cholesterol control more accessible and achievable than ever.

This is a course you may want to share family or friends. The fact is, 71 million American adults (33.5%) have high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. And less than half are getting treatment.

The importance of controlling cholesterol cannot be overstated. Just taking a statin has been shown to reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by 28%. And now there are even more tools and techniques.

The good news is that what’s gone up can come down. You can lower your cholesterol. You can safeguard your heart and your health. And you can do it now!

Let Managing Your Cholesterol be your course of action!

Managing Your Cholesterol brings you guidance you can take personally. It will show you the measures you can take, on your own, and with your physician, to lower dangerous bad cholesterol, decrease elevated triglycerides, and achieve strengthened and enduring cardiovascular health.

This engaging, multi-faceted learning package will hold your interest and reward your time. This is a course that offers information that is practical, purposeful and positive. Don’t wait another day to protect your heart’s future. Order Managing Your Cholesterol now!

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