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Boosting Your Energy

Discover 17 sure-fire steps for energy that goes the distance!


This is an invitation…an invitation to declare your energy independence!


Learn how — in just four weeks time — you can possess greater stamina, alertness, and supercharged drive!

This power-packed Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School will show you how — in just days — you can have greater vigor and staying power…how you can lift your energy levels….and how you can enjoy the physical and mental energy you need for all you want to do. 

You’ll be introduced to the strategies, steps, and secrets that will amp up your physical capacity and mental agility. You’ll find how to eliminate the most common causes of fatigue.  And you’ll discover how a few small changes can make a big — and enduring — difference in your energy reserves.
Boosting Your Energy is more than a “pep” talk; it’s an action plan! You’ll find practical “here’s how” guidance for reducing stress…for increasing your energy efficiency… for creating a workout that rewards you with huge energy 
dividends…and for making your daily diet an abundant power source. 

You’ll replace energy takers with energy makers. What drains your energy? What can you do to gain energy? You’ll read how to fight the enemies of energy and win. You’ll learn the keys to unlocking peak mental energy. And you’ll discover a surprising energy enhancer that you already have at hand.

You’ll power up at mealtime and in-between time. With the report, you will master exercises that generate stamina. You’ll learn a quick tension-easing trick. And you’ll find the most energy-rich foods for fuelling the body — and the mind.

You’ll finish as strong as you start. You’ll have the zest to be at your best all through the day. You’ll get tips for avoiding energy dips…for meeting unforeseen energy demands…for maximizing energy-restoring sleep, and more.

Boosting Your Energy

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In Boosting Your Energy’s instructive, fact-filled pages you’ll find:

  • How you can bust stress in just ten minutes — or less!
  • The exercise that does the most for physical and mental energy
  • The five vitamins and minerals essential for building energy
  • Ways to avoid jet lag, prevent the after-dinner sag, and more
  • Who is the weaker sex? Are men or women more prone to fatigue?
  • What to look for when choosing an energy drink or power bar