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Aging in Place

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Discover the steps and secrets to having the retirement you’ve talked about

Learn how to successfully protect your health, your security, your independence, and all you’ve planned for.

More than 11,000 baby boomers retire each day. Whether you are anticipating that day, or have reached it, you undoubtedly have asked yourself: Can I have the retirement I’ve dreamed of?

This Special Health Report emphatically and intelligently answers that question. And the good news is: Yes! You can make it happen!

This empowering guide will dissolve any doubts and show you how you can effectively safeguard your future and protect your plans and dreams.

You may be thinking of moving, to somewhere warm, or closer to family. Or maybe you want to enjoy the home you’ve known. No matter where, Aging in Place will show you how…how to make a home adult-friendly…how to keep yourself healthy…how to navigate essential advance planning…and more. 

Aging in Place is an encompassing report that addresses your concerns and brings clarity to your choices.  It is filled with authoritative guidance to help you achieve years of fulfilling and independent living.  This Special Health Report shares…

…smart, think-ahead improvements for a home you can stay in. You’ll find a welcome host of suggestions for adapting your home to meet your needs. You’ll discover simple changes to bring accessibility to entrances, convenience to the kitchen, safety to the bath, and comfort to the living room.

… rewarding guidance for your financial and legal planning choices. From selecting health care coverage to preparing a power of attorney, the report will give you the insights you need. You’ll find how tap hidden assets …lower your tax bill…and assure that an advance care directive is obeyed.

… expert tips and strategies to keep you at your healthiest best!  Staying independent and staying healthy go hand in hand. Aging in Place brings you six key steps to a longer, healthier life. You’ll read how you can reduce disease risk, stay sharper, and keep your bones and muscles strong.