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Advance Care Planning Test

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Discover how to create an advance care directive that will give you power over your future and peace-of-mind right now!

Learn the 10 keys to selecting the right health care proxy...what should be in (and out) of your living will...and more!

More than ever, you need to be aware when planning for your care. You want crucial decisions to be in trusted hands. You want your wishes to be followed.

In this new report, leading medical and legal experts provide insights and instruction for appointing a health care proxy... preparing a forceful living will... and setting physician orders for your treatment. You will learn the essential steps to assure that your wishes are clearly conveyed and fully obeyed.

If you don’t, who will?

In a sudden emergency, without advance care planning, your medical choices could be left to an unprepared relative, a doctor, or even a court-appointed guardian, none of whom may know your values and preferences.

Today, as never before, you can designate and dictate the elements and extent of your care. The health care power of attorney and the living will are legally recognized by statute in every state. The tools are there. With this report, you’ll learn how to maximize the security and control they offer.

Bonus! The report includes forms for preparing advance care directives that meet 2020 rules and guidelines!

Advance Care Planning will help you determine the limits you may wish to set in a living will and the latitude you’d like your health care proxy to have. You’ll find the implications of medical interventions...the requirements for a valid living will...the importance of the right proxy...and more. You’ll learn... to choose a health care agent who is ready—and steady! You want a health care proxy who knows your priorities and will not wilt or waver. You’ll find the questions to ask a prospective proxy and yourself. You’ll learn about HIPAA laws...why your child may be a poor choice...and more. to make sure that your living will’s got power! You’ll find the best way to ensure your doctor interprets your will the way you want. You’ll read how to avoid handcuffing your to change a living certain that it is legally binding...and where you should always keep copies.

...about the latest “advances” in advance care directives. You’ll learn why the traditional DNR is being replaced by “POLST” which is far more comprehensive and useful in a medical emergency. And you’ll be introduced to 6 savvy online tools to help you decide upon and communicate your wishes.

Make sure you have your say every step of the way. Don’t wait! Send for copy of Advance Care Planning today!