Could you — or your family — lose control over your most critical health care decisions?

Don’t let it happen! Send for this special health report that shows you how to properly prepare a living will, designate a health care proxy, and more!

As medical care gets more costly and complex, it is more important than ever to have an advance care directive. Without one, you could cede your care to a stranger who does not know your wishes or share your values.

Advance care directives — living wills, health care proxies and POLST forms — are the key tools to make sure that medical decisions made on your behalf reflect — and respect — your wishes for your care and quality of life.

But who should be your health care proxy? How do you choose? What should be in your living will — and what should not?

These are questions this Special Health Report answers. With Advance Care Planning, you will learn how to select the right proxy, how to draft an incontestable living will, and how to ensure that your wishes are clear and are followed.

Bonus! The report includes forms for preparing advance care directives that meet the latest rules and guidelines.

With the report’s direct and insightful guidance, you will be able to:

Find the health care proxy who is best for you. The report will brief you on what health care power of attorney really means, who you should not consider, and how to make sure everyone accepts your choice.

Write your living will the right way. You’ll confront real medical situations that will help you determine your wishes for care…you’ll learn how to sidestep the “bridge” dilemma, how to revise a will, and much more.

Gain peace-of-mind for yourself and your loved ones. Advance Care Planning gives those close to you needed direction and assures you that you’ll receive care consistent with your condition, your beliefs, and your wishes.

Don’t wait another day. Send for your copy of Advance Care Planning now!

Inside Advance Care Planning, you’ll find…

  • 7 key measures to ensure that your wishes will be honored
  • What to consider before including a DNR
  • 5 common (and dangerous) myths about end-of-life issues
  • The role of POLST (Physician orders for life-sustaining treatment
  • 10 tips for being a more effective health care agent
  • The consequences of not having an advance care directive
  • Where to keep — and who should have — copies of your living will
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