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A Guide to Alzheimer's Disease

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You can reduce the threat of Alzheimer's to you and your family! 

"Alzheimer's disease is the fastest growing threat to health in the United States." NBC News

Discover how to reduce the threat of Alzheimer's in a revealing Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School doctors.

PLUS: What you need to know — and do — when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

We worry when we misplace the car keys. We worry as much — or more — when a family member struggles to find a word or follow a conversation.

Clinically, Alzheimer's is a disease that attacks the brain. But it also wrenches the heart. To watch a loved one's memory fail and to see the spark of recognition dim is both sad and difficult.

This Special Health Report replaces the fears and fictions with instructive and enlightening guidance. You will learn how to dramatically decrease your risk by joining those men and women who are keeping their brains healthy and their memories sharp through smart and easy everyday steps.

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You'll discover what distinguishes Alzheimer's from normal forgetfulness: what changes are the hallmarks of cognitive impairment and dementia, which new tests are speeding diagnosis, and what therapies are on the horizon.

You'll find out about proven protective measures: which "mind games" are best, the facts about "brain foods," the value of sleep and exercise, and the role of medications, conversations, and education.

You'll learn how to avoid ‘caregiver burnout' while providing for a loved one: how to create a safe and reassuring environment, how to manage financial matters, how to select a care facility, and how to maintain your own health and spirit.

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