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A Beginner’s Guide to Running

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A Beginner's Guide to Running

Rediscover Running:
the path to stronger bones,
a revved-up metabolism,
and overall better health

A beginner's guide for men and women who want to achieve and enjoy the lasting health and fitness benefits of running.

Maybe we shouldn’t call it “A Beginner’s Guide.”  As soon as we could walk, we ran…and ran. But many of us haven’t run in years. Walk? Sure. A lot. Especially lately. But run? Not so much. So think of this as “The Grown-ups’ Guide”…

For adults, running offers unmatched health benefits. It lowers your risk of heart attack or stroke. It’s good for your bones, blood pressure, and your brain.

As you exercise more vigorously—stepping up from walking to running—you will boost cardio and pulmonary fitness. At the same pace, running burns 20% more calories than a brisk walk. And a recent study revealed that runners—of all speeds—live an average of 4.25 years longer than non-runners!

From Harvard Medical School, this is a running program designed for your safety and your success. The plan starts with a few minutes running interspersed with walking and adds a little more running each week. Each run/walk workout takes only about 30 minutesand just 3 times a week.

It’s a program that will take you further. You’ll increase your strength and endurance. You’ll have more energy throughout the day. And you’ll enjoy renewed resilience. In this report you’ll find…

"grown-up" guidance to get you up and running! You’ll quickly discover the power and practicality of this dynamic program.  As you gradually add “run time” you’ll build fitness and stamina without overtaxing your body. And you set your pace. It’s not about speed. It’s about going the distance.

"good-to-know" tips that make running great! The report brings a welcome wealth of ideas and insights that will give you a leg up when it comes choosing shoes and gear …maintaining the best running form and posture...exploring new places to run…preventing injuries…and more.

42 exercises to strengthen your achievements—and you! To complement running’s aerobic benefits, the report includes two strength-training workouts that will give you more power and flexibility. Plus, you’ll get a great 10-minute warm-up, post-run stretches, and even a soothing muscle massage. 

Don’t wait! Order your copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Running now!