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Every month, Harvard Women’s Health Watch puts you in closer touch with everything that’s happening right now in the new age of women’s health and medicine. New prevention strategies, new diagnostic techniques, new medications and treatments. From heart disease in women to breast cancer, from diet and nutrition to vitamins and supplements, from hormone therapy to exercise and strength training, Harvard Women’s Health Watch focuses on health from a woman’s perspective.

It’s the number-one source for unbiased, well-researched, accurate women’s health information from the most-respected medical school in the nation. And it will help bring you better health in just 30 minutes a month!

Harvard Women’s Health Watch is filled with health advances every woman deserves to know:

  • Exercise actually behaves like medicine to improve thinking skills and brain health. Best news: Some benefits are instantaneous. Doing aerobic exercise before an exam improved response time and performance.
  • Don’t worry if your heartbeat fluctuates. Most women think their heart should tick along like clockwork. But the reality is a healthy heart speeds up and slows down to match your body’s need for oxygen. There are two signs when a change in heart rate can signify a problem: when you have an unusually high heart rate or a low heart rate. Be sure to discuss either of these issues with your doctor.
  • New breast exams. Find out about the new digital breast screening that helps reduce the number of unnecessary and nerve-wracking callbacks for additional testing.

Harvard Women’s Health Watch is the perfect newsletter for women who want proven, well-researched, straightforward answers about how to stay healthy, active, and vital for life.

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Readers have recently discovered:

  • The single best exercise regimen for maintaining bone strength.
  • Which friendly fats are good for you – and taste great.
  • How to tell if you should get a heart scan.
  • The surprising truth about soy.
  • The new thinking on chemoprevention of breast cancer.
  • When hormone therapy may make sense.
  • And so much more!

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