5 foods to eat to help your heart

While the focus is often on avoiding unhealthy foods, adding in nutritious options can be a means of protecting and improving your heart health. Olive oil, mixed nuts, multicolored fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, and sources of soluble fiber are options to try. (Locked) More »

Are varicose veins a health risk?

Varicose veins aren’t typically considered a major health threat, but they are associated with a higher risk of leg swelling, blood clots, skin infections and ulcers. (Locked) More »

How much water should you be drinking each day?

For most healthy people, listening to their body’s signals can help ensure that they are drinking enough water to meet their needs. Older adults with memory problems may need assistance in making sure that they are drinking enough, particularly in hot weather or when drinking other liquids that may have a diuretic effect. More »

Toxic beauty

Personal care products contain numerous chemicals that are, in many cases, untested and not confirmed to be safe. Recent studies have linked hair dyes and straighteners to a higher risk of breast cancer. Experts say women should take more time to consider what’s in the products they are using. More »

Oh, my aching jaw

There are different underlying reasons for the types of orofacial pain commonly called temporomandibular joint problems, or TMJ. Not all of them are caused by problems with the joint itself, and specialists are getting better at diagnosing them. Orofacial pain may result from a joint problem, a muscle-based problem, a headache syndrome, or a pain processing problem. (Locked) More »

Alcohol-related deaths on the rise

The number of alcohol-related deaths in the United States doubled between 1999 and 2017, a change that included an 85% increase in alcohol-related medical emergencies and deaths especially among women. More »