References for “New treatment options for seasonal affective disorder”

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Treating "first-episode" schizophrenia

In the treatment of first-episode schizophrenia, starting treatment as quickly as possible offers the best chance of relief from symptoms, but this is frequently complicated by difficulty in confirming the diagnosis. (Locked) More »

New treatment options for seasonal affective disorder

Light therapy is typically prescribed to treat seasonal affective disorder, but there are risks for certain people. Researchers are looking at making adjustments to the timing and duration of the therapy to try to reduce this risk. (Locked) More »

In brief: Suicidal thoughts in college

A survey of 26,000 college students, both undergraduate and graduate, found that about 10 percent had considered suicide in the previous year, but fewer than half of those had sought help or told anyone. (Locked) More »

Commentary: How undecideds decide

Research into how the brain makes decisions found that in people who say they are undecided on an issue, the unconscious part of the brain often makes a decision before the conscious mind is aware of it. (Locked) More »