References for “Assertive community treatment,” November 2006

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Men and depression

Men suffer from depression in smaller numbers than women do, but their treatment needs differ due to responses to medication, especially in older men. Additional medication may be necessary to treat the sexual side effects. (Locked) More »

Assertive community treatment

Assertive community treatment is a team-based method of caring for the mentally ill when they are released from institutions. While more costly than traditional treatment, it is more personalized and can produce better results. (Locked) More »

In Brief: When is it epilepsy?

People with certain mental conditions can experience seizures that appear to be epilepsy but are actually psychogenic seizures. Studies are finding ways to distinguish between the two types to facilitate proper treatment. (Locked) More »

In Brief: Children of depression

Two studies examine the correlation between depression in adults and its prevalence in their children, and the effect of adults' treatment on the children's mental health. (Locked) More »

Commentary: Human pheromones

It was long believed that humans did not have the capacity to recognize pheromones, but research finds evidence they can, which may lead to better understanding of the biological basis of sexual orientation. (Locked) More »