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Radiation therapy in the spotlight (Part 2 of 2)

Published: December 10, 2009


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January 12, 2017

Does it mean this Dr will or will NOT order Proton Treatment for Prostate to a man for whom this PBT may be a close cure with few side effects??? I am trying to find Dr s who are open to all valid forms of treatment. BTW. I have not been diagnosed yet so just learning. Will he or not?
Dr s should post honestly what they will and will not do..they list their names…now put down the treatments. Is that to much to ask for us scared guys??!!! This is terrible that a patient cannot get the straight dope from these great MDs . We waste time visiting these guys only to find out nope! Not on same wavelength. Proton is really bashed on internet and maybe because many many more hospitals have IMRT units to pay for too?!?! But why the disdain from the protons? Just google around. As for cost I would pay the extra for a pricier treatment if a slight edge on fewer side effects and same outcome if the insurers would pay the cost of a similar treatment. Our bodies right? all options should be offered if they work! I think some doctors don’t give a rats arse about mens prostate cancer. We are just a piece of meat they trade for cash to be honest. And we know it. Ooh that sounds harsh. And One More Thing this Dr says financial discussions are not relevant in his practice. Come on! The whole discussion is about finance! It is 2017 let me check his website.

December 12, 2015

There is no treatment that has a clear aavdntage in overall survival when it comes to prostate cancer. Many men choose to not teat it at all for the first few years, as it is usually slow growing and can be managed for long periods of time. However, in someone as young as your dad it should be treated for cure. If he is going the surgery route I would definitely go robotic. It is more precise, less invasive, has a faster recovery and there is less risk of side effects. To get the biggest aavdntage from this surgery you wan to make sure the surgeon has several under his belt as this is still fairly new in some areas of the country and it does take some getting used to. There are several types of radiation. At a minimum I want IMRT. Someone else mentioned Proton Therapy, which many men swear by. It is available at Loma Linda here in southern California. There is also Cyber Knife that was invented at Stanford several years ago. However it is still not available everywhere, but we do have it at several hospitals in southern California.At the very least he should get a second opinion and it should be from a teaching facility. These hospitals are nearly always designated cancer hospitals, they see the most unusual cases, are involved in research and have the best equipment. Some of the treatment I mentioned requires very expensive equipment, which is often out of reach for many community hospitals. Best wishes to you and your dad.

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