Teens with upbeat friends may have better emotional health

Nandini Mani, MD

Contributing Editor

Generations of parents have worried about their kids having friends who are a “bad influence.” But what about friends who are a good influence? Recent research suggests that teens whose friends are emotionally healthy are less likely to suffer from depression, and that such friends can help improve the mood of teens who show signs of depression. This study is one of several in an emerging area of research on the relationship between our social networks and our health and well-being.

Heads up, parents: New study with important information about the online life of teens

Claire McCarthy, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

If you’re the parent of a teenager, how much do you know about the online life of your child? Probably not as much as you think you do. A recent study examined the social media lives of eighth graders from across the country. Results revealed unexpected habits, for example, kids spent more time watching and reading what others did online rather than engaging in social media. What’s more, many parents underestimate the negative emotions and problematic behavior teenagers experience as a result of social media and life online.