neck pain

I love my kids but they’ve ruined my neck

Steve Calechman


People who have kids spend a lot of time looking down. Even those who don’t probably spend a lot of time looking down at their phone, tablet, or laptop. Either way it’s bad for the neck muscles; a physical therapist offers some advice.

Complementary therapies for neck pain

Robert H. Shmerling, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Neck pain is a common, and often frustrating, condition. Although there are many causes of neck pain, in many cases, it can be hard to know the exact reason for the pain. There is no one treatment that is reliably helpful, and treatments can take a long time to work. But a new study suggests that two complementary therapies — acupuncture and the Alexander Technique — may offer a way for neck pain sufferers to find genuine and lasting relief.