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More Americans using retail health clinics

May 10, 2013


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Sick Puppy
May 11, 2013

You bet we use “retail” clinics. Last year when I was unable to be seen by a doctor, and so congested I was barely able to ask for an appointment, my friendly neighborhood retail pharmacy chain was a lifeline to the health care system. Yes, people are having trouble getting health care. It’s unrealistic to think you can just phone the doctor’s office and expect they will see you.

May 11, 2013

“A key outstanding question is whether visiting retail health clinics might interrupt continuity of care between doctors and their patients…

…In the retail health clinic setting, the burden of continuity in record keeping often falls on the patient. Although clinics can send health records to a patient’s primary care doctor, there’s a good chance the two offices use incompatible electronic medical record systems, rendering the clinic’s records unusable to the physician.”

So retail clinics provide standardized output on patient visits that disorganized primary care physicians’ offices and their information systems are too inept to field cleanly, and it’s the retail clinic’s, and/or the patient’s, shortcoming?

Yea, we’re willing to give you a do-over on that one, but it doesn’t fly as is.

May 10, 2013

Well americans have a lot a problems with health care system.

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