For a New Year filled with good health

Anthony Komaroff, MD

Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Letter

At the stroke of midnight tonight we ring out the “old” year and begin a new one. For many people, the transition is a symbolic new start, a time to improve health or make other changes. If you are among the millions making a New Year’s resolution or striving to make improve your health in the months ahead, the four articles below may help. On behalf of my colleagues at Harvard Health Publishing, I wish you a new year filled with good health.





Eat your way to a healthy heart. For its January 2013 issue, the Harvard Heart Letter asked certified chef and nutrition educator Dr. Michelle Hauser, an internal medicine fellow at Harvard-associated Cambridge Health Alliance, to come up with one change you can make each month on the way to adopting a heart-healthy diet.

Why behavior change is hard—and why you should keep trying. Adopting healthier lifestyle habits doesn’t happen at once, but is a process that happens in stages. Setbacks along the way are normal, reports the Harvard Women’s Health Watch, and they provide opportunities for growth and learning.


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  1. control

    great info you have in here. i am looking for more info about this topic. ive been searching since last year. thanks

  2. Condition after panic attack stop

    Me as well end it up with healthy living.

  3. Olumide Oluwasegun

    It is a new year. Plan to eat right (healthy), exercise, love yourself and mingle with those who will encourage you to meet your goals.

  4. Mike

    If there is any tip I can recommend that has greatly increased the energy levels in my wife and I (plus dropped a few pounds) is the introduction of “juicing” into our diet.

    Seriously, juicing is the real deal. It’s like drinking a “V-8+” and taste great. I hope everyone at least tries it.

  5. James

    I started 2013 off well. 2012 I let myself slip a bit but now on a healthy diet and going to the gym 5 times a week. Won’t take long to get fit again.

  6. Alam

    Nice Post

  7. Personal Trainer Perth

    Every year we make a list of resolution what to “do” and not to “do” in the new upcoming year. Health is mostly the concern of all people because “if wealth is lost then you have lost something and if health is lost then you have nothing”.

  8. mashadi

    I agree with you sir, health is a great gift for our keep.
    The new year is time to give our best to stay healthy naturally

  9. roman couple

    nice info, I like.. .. ..
    I enjoy the new year with enthusiasm, spirit may continue. amiieenn…

  10. verveine

    i ended 2012 healty and starded this year healthy to!
    im doing a sugar diet and it helps me alot!
    befor the 2 monthes of sugar free iwas always quic sick and my condition was bad! now i have a better condition and more energie!

    i think a sugar-free diet is good for every one! and to stard 2013 sugar free would be the best!

    happy 2013

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