Managing your health care

Physician burnout can affect your health

The problem of physician burnout is growing and more than half of US doctors are experiencing (experience?) some symptom of burnout. Aside from the personal toll on their own lives, burned-out doctors may be compromising patient care in a variety of ways.

Choosing life with a VAD (ventricular assist device)

Despite the challenges of needing to use a battery-operated ventricular assist device (VAD) for heart failure, one man came to terms with his situation and found ways to adapt and enjoy his life as much as possible.

Should you ever not listen to your doctor?

Steve Calechman


When you visit your primary care doctor, you should feel that the advice and recommendations you receive are specific to your personal circumstances. If you think your doctor is not paying enough attention to you as an individual, your doctor-patient relationship may need a checkup.

Are you getting the most out of your high-deductible health plan?

Robert H. Shmerling, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

One way to manage healthcare costs is to choose a health plan with a higher deductible, but it’s important to understand that such plans don’t make sense for everyone, and that sometimes the cost of a service or procedure can be negotiated.

The Couric-Jolie effect: When celebrities share their medical experiences

Robert H. Shmerling, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

When a prominent person uses their notoriety to raise awareness of a health condition, it can encourage others to seek testing or treatment, but it’s important to be sure that any medical test or procedure is necessary for a particular person.

Healthcare freebies that can make you, and your wallet, feel a little better

From prescription drugs to prepared meals, there are many health-enhancing services that may be available at no cost, depending on where you live and whether you meet certain requirements.

Lessons from a chronic pain management program

Laura Kiesel


Comprehensive programs for chronic pain involve a variety of components, from body mechanics to nutrition to occupational therapy and beyond. And while there is no easy fix for chronic pain, and sometimes no permanent fix at all, unexpected victories can be made in the search for answers.

Patient-Centered Medical Home: A new model for medical care

As both patients and doctors struggle with the structure and pressures of the health care system, a new model for providing patient-centered care is emerging.

When a drug does serious harm, the FDA wants to hear from you

If you’ve had a reaction or other issue with a medication, the Food and Drug Administration wants to know about it. The FDA provides tools for health professionals and consumers to report adverse reactions to drugs and medical devices.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome: A mystery solved

Laura Kiesel


Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a connective tissue disorder most commonly characterized by joints that stretch too far, pain, and greater susceptibility to injury. Awareness of the condition is not high, which can make getting an accurate diagnosis difficult.