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Is adrenal fatigue “real”?

Fatigue and low energy are common reasons patients seek help from a doctor. It is often challenging to come up with a diagnosis, as many medical problems can cause fatigue. One potential theory links stress to adrenal exhaustion as a potential cause of this lack of energy, but is “adrenal fatigue” a real disease?

FDA approves new drug for men at high risk of prostate cancer spread

Charlie Schmidt

Editor, Harvard Medical School Annual Report on Prostate Diseases

A newly approved drug called apalutamide is giving hope to thousands of men confronting a tenacious problem after being treated for prostate cancer. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels should plummet to zero after surgery, and to near zero after radiation therapy, but in some men, they continue rising even when there’s no other evidence of cancer […]

4 tips for raising well-behaved children

Claire McCarthy, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

One of the biggest challenges a parent faces is raising a child who is consistently well behaved. Children have varying temperaments, but these suggestions can help guide parents in their efforts.

Active mind/body, healthy mind/body

Getting regular exercise is one of the best actions you can take to improve or maintain your overall health. Fitting exercise into your life is not as difficult as it might seem, but it does require some planning.

Spinning: Good for the heart and muscles, gentle on joints

Matthew Solan

Executive Editor, Harvard Men's Health Watch

Spinning is a great aerobic exercise that is good for the heart and builds leg muscle while offering a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints, so it can be done by people of all ages.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS): Hope for stubborn depression

For some people suffering from depression, medications and therapy don’t bring adequate relief. A newer treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) applies powerful magnetic fields to areas of the brain known to be involved in depression. It is well-tolerated and shows promise in helping patients with hard-to-treat depression.

Diet and depression

Research has shown that what we eat matters for every aspect of our health, including our mental health, and found that a healthy diet was associated with a significantly lower risk of developing symptoms of depression.

Dr. Google: The top 10 health searches in 2017

Robert H. Shmerling, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Do you ever wonder what health questions people research online? We look at the top 10 health searches in Google for 2017 and offer some answers to these questions from hiccups to kidney stones.

Guns are killing our children. It’s time we did something

Claire McCarthy, MD

Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

The Parkland shooting is a painful reminder that too many lives, including those of children, are taken by gun violence and firearm injuries. We all – parents, policymakers, gun owners — can take action to help prevent these tragedies. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers some specific suggestions.

Is red wine actually good for your heart?

The belief that drinking red wine offers some degree of protection from heart disease has persisted for decades, but any evidence in support of this is just observational, without any scientific proof to back it up.