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Revisiting options for improving results of breast reconstruction

Ted A. James, MD
Ted A. James, MD, Contributor

Women who choose breast reconstruction after mastectomy but are unhappy with the results have another option: fat grafting, in which liquefied tissue from another part of the body is injected into the reconstructed breast.

Access to safe, affordable birth control is a maternal health issue

Scott Shainker, DO, MS
Scott Shainker, DO, MS, Contributor

When a pregnancy puts the life of the mother at risk, access to birth control is essential. As more women are experiencing medical complications from or with pregnancy or after giving birth, the issue is becoming even more important.

False alarm in Hawaii: Preparing for the unthinkable

Peter Grinspoon, MD
Peter Grinspoon, MD, Contributing Editor

While the recent emergency alert in Hawaii was a false alarm, the potential threat of a nuclear strike does serve as a reminder that it’s prudent to make advance preparations for this or some other unexpected event.

When to worry about your child’s sore throat

Claire McCarthy, MD
Claire McCarthy, MD, Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Sore throats are common in children, often occurring with colds, but there are situations when a sore throat is an indication of a more serious problem and you should call the child’s doctor.

Medical marijuana

Peter Grinspoon, MD
Peter Grinspoon, MD, Contributing Editor

Medical marijuana is controversial, in part because many people aren’t aware of how and why it is used. Most commonly it is used to ease pain, and doctors need to be prepared for the questions their patients will have about it.

The ghost in the basement

Bill Williams
Bill Williams, Guest Contributor

A father struggles to understand the terrible course of his son’s heroin addiction and the loss of a child who eventually died from an accidental overdose.

Rhabdo: A rare but serious complication of… exercise

Marcelo Campos, MD
Marcelo Campos, MD, Contributor

The condition rhabdomyolysis (known as rhabdo) occurs when muscle tissue leaks its contents into the bloodstream, and can be caused by intense physical activity. Anyone starting a new workout or fitness routine should evaluate their fitness level and take precautions to exercise safely.

The flu is here — and so is a new advisory from the CDC

Robert H. Shmerling, MD
Robert H. Shmerling, MD, Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

If you have not yet gotten a flu shot, the CDC has issued an advisory for this season that may make you reconsider. The severity of the virus is stronger this year, and while the vaccine may not be as effective as in years past, some protection is better than none.

5 common problems that can mimic ADHD

Claire McCarthy, MD
Claire McCarthy, MD, Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

While the incidence of ADHD in children has climbed, behavior or concentration problems in a child do not automatically mean that child has ADHD. Doctors and parents should consider these other possible causes when evaluating a child.

Another option for life-threatening allergic reactions

Susan Farrell, MD
Susan Farrell, MD, Contributing Editor

For the millions of people with allergies to foods and medications, the availability of another pre-filled epinephrine product provides an option that should mean greater accessibility and lower cost for this vital medication.