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Are crabs and oysters good for your eyes?

Peter Wehrwein

Contributor, Harvard Health

Johns Hopkins researchers have a report in the the journal Opthalmology that sends a mixed  message about whether omega-3 fats protect the eyes. And if you like to eat crab and oysters, enjoy—and we’re with you. But don’t expect any special ophthmalic benefits. Fish and shellfish are natural sources of the omega-3 fats that are believed to pay all kinds […]

Prostate cancer diagnosis may up suicide risk

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer may increase a man’s risk of suicide, but more research is needed to fully evaluate the impact of such a diagnosis on mental health.

Infertility may raise risk of aggressive prostate cancer

A 2010 study of more than 22,500 California men found that being infertile significantly raised the risk of developing aggressive disease.

Afraid of the dentist? How do you deal with it?

Ann MacDonald

Contributor, Harvard Health

In our October issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, we offer advice about how to manage dental phobia. I’d love to hear from readers of this blog about what techniques they use to cope with their own dental fear. I’ll compile representative replies in a later post. (This issue is one I grapple with […]

Unconscious or Subconscious?

Michael Craig Miller, M.D.

Senior Editor, Mental Health Publishing, Harvard Health Publishing

A dear friend got caught up in a debate about these terms during a holiday dinner some time ago. I wasn’t too surprised this past week when another friend asked me which term was the right one. It is hard to find two people who agree on “proper” definitions for these words. The term “unconscious” […]