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Vitamin D recommendations

Peter Wehrwein

Contributor, Harvard Health

Vitamin D has been talked about as the vitamin — the one that might help fend off everything from cancer to heart disease to autoimmune disorders, if only we were to get enough of it. “Whoa!” is the message from a committee of experts assembled by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to update recommendations for vitamin D (and for calcium). […]

Laugh and be thankful—it’s good for the heart


Former Executive Editor, Harvard Health

One of the things I like most about Thanksgiving is the laughter around the dinner table. The food is great, make no mistake. But it’s the sounds of happiness—the high peal, the good-natured guffaw, the snort-and-shaking-shoulders, and the deep belly laugh—that really make me give thanks. Laughter isn’t just a way to stay connected with […]

More on Brain Injury in the NFL

Michael Craig Miller, M.D.

Senior Editor, Mental Health Publishing, Harvard Health Publishing

If you watch football on Thanksgiving, keep the players’ brain health in mind. Alan Schwarz of the NY Times has been a dogged defensive end, in hot pursuit of this story. Read his latest contribution here. He points out that the National Football League (NFL) has been slow to assess penalties on players who take violent […]

This week from HHP: Health apps, office noise, and hemorrhoid cream for the eyes?

Anthony Komaroff, MD

Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Letter

As usual, Harvard Health Publishing’ writers and editors have been busy covering a range of health topics. Here is a small sampling. To read more, visit us at Health apps. Smart phones like the iPhone and Android aren’t just phones. They are also pocket-sized computers capable of running sophisticated applications, or apps. Hundreds of […]

Using the relaxation response to reduce stress

Ann MacDonald

Contributor, Harvard Health

The American Psychological Association has just released the results of its 2010 Stress in America survey. Among the findings: Nearly 75% of Americans who responded to an online survey said that their stress levels are so high that they feel unhealthy. To put it mildly, we are living in stressful times. The economy is still […]

Screening for lung cancer with CT scans

Peter Wehrwein

Contributor, Harvard Health

Lung cancer is usually discovered late when it’s difficult to treat and has often spread outside the lung. A reliable screening test to find it at an earlier, more treatable stage would be a legitimate breakthrough—and could potentially save thousands of lives. About 160,000 Americans die each year from lung cancer, which is more than who die from breast, prostate, and […]