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Check out these newly released Special Health Reports from Harvard Medical School
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You can't buy good health but you can buy good health information. Check out these newly released Special Health Reports from Harvard Medical School:

Common Medical Conditions

Up to date insight on common health problems & medical conditions from Harvard Medical School

Health news and information is everywhere these days — from sound bytes on the TV news shows to health sections in major magazines and newspapers, to the flood of information available on the Internet. Regrettably, not all of this health information is accurate or tells the complete story — and some of it is downright misleading. Concerned health-conscious people want credible, authoritative, accurate information on common medical conditions from a source they can trust. And there is no more trustworthy source of health information and advice than Harvard Medical School.

Harvard Health Publications and the faculty of Harvard Medical School publish four health newsletters and more than 50 in-depth special health reports that cover a wide spectrum of Common Medical Conditions. The four monthly newsletters — the Harvard Health Letter, Harvard Heart Letter, Harvard Women’s Health Watch, and Harvard Men’s Health Watch — are designed to deliver up-to-date health news, research developments, new prevention strategies, latest treatment protocols and medications — and put this information in perspective for the concerned health consumer. The Harvard Special Health Reports provide an in-depth understanding of specific medical conditions, providing the complete picture for that health concern. These publications provide the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

We cover the gamut of common medical conditions, including chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, asthma, and allergies. You’ll discover the latest innovations in treating cancer, lung disease, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease. You’ll learn how to relieve back pain, and bone, joint, or muscular problems. How to control your weight with sound nutrition and exercise. How alternative medicine and complementary therapies can work with traditional medicine to relieve urinary tract problems, headaches, digestive problems and depression. Mature readers will discover the latest ways to counter the effects of aging, ease arthritis pain, and manage their health care. From dealing with problems of the brain and nervous system to simply getting a good night’s sleep, and common medical conditions in between, there is a publication from Harvard Health Publications specially designed to deliver credible, practical, and reliable information and advice from the experts at Harvard Medical School.

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