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Living with chronic headache: a personal migraine story

Headaches that appear every day can take over your life. An editor at Harvard Health Publications, who prefers to go by the name CJ for this post, tells what it’s like to live with migraine every day and offers tips for coping with the worst.

If pulmonary embolism can strike Serena Williams, it can ace anyone

Patrick J. Skerrett, Former Executive Editor, Harvard Health

If someone who stays fit for a living, like tennis star Serena Williams, can develop a blood clot in her lungs, anyone can. Called pulmonary embolism, this potentially deadly condition affects up to 600,000 Americans each year. Knowing the warning signs can help you get treatment right away.

Shingles can strike twice. Will the shingles vaccine help?

Peter Wehrwein
Peter Wehrwein, Contributor, Harvard Health

Getting the viral infection known as shingles doesn’t give everyone life-long immunity from it. As many as 1 in 20 people suffer through it a second time. What researchers don’t yet know is whether it makes sense to get the anti-shingles vaccine after you’ve had this painful condition.